Today I attended the weekly Geology Colloquium at West Virginia University hosted by the Marshall Miller Professor of Geology and Departmental Chair, Dr. Tim Carr.

On behalf of the Appalachian Geological Society it was my honor to present a check to help cover costs associated with the upcoming Field Camp.

We at the Appalachian Geological Society appreciate the ongoing efforts of the Department at WVU as we all benefit from the ongoing research and from the education/preparation of new talented geologists.

Dr. Carr, Thank you and your staff for the outstanding work you provide! We look forward to hearing stories from your students when they return in the fall!

About Our Organization
  • AGS was founded in 1931.

  • We promote the Science of Geology, especially as it relates to petroleum and natural gas

  • We encourage innovation and improvements in the methods of exploration.

  •  We foster a spirit of scientific research among our members and the public at large.

  • We mentor, help educate and support universities and students local to our society that are teaching and learning geological principles.

  • We hold ourselves to high standards in both conduct and the work we produce.